Thursday, October 2, 2014

Doing the Will of God

Excerpt from homily on the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2014

What is the “will of God?” And how do we do the “will of God?” Quite simply, I believe, by doing the best we can as we go about our everyday activities.  Think about it.
“If you’re a parent working to pay the bills, but making time to be with your children whenever they need you, you’re doing the will of God.
          “If you are overwhelmed by the care of a dying spouse, a sick child or an elderly parent but you try your best to make a loving home for them, blessed are you.  You’re doing the will of God.
          “If you happily give your time to work at a soup kitchen, shop for a neighbor who’s housebound, help a youngster with a classroom assignment; if you befriend the uncool, the unpopular, the perpetually lost, blessed are you.
          “If you refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to doing what is right, if you refuse to compromise your integrity and ethics, if you refuse to take refuge in the rationalization that ‘everybody does it,’ blessed are you.  You’re doing the will of God.
          “If you try to understand things from the perspective of the other person and always manage to find a way to make things work for the good; if you’re feeling discouraged and frustrated because you are always worrying, always waiting, always bending over backwards, always paying the price for loving the unlovable and forgiving the undeserving, blessed are you. 
          “If you struggle to discover what God asks of you in all things; if you try to seek God’s presence in every facet of your life and every decision you make; if your constant prayer is not ‘give me’ but ‘help me,’ blessed are you. You’re doing the will of God.
          “If you readily spend time listening and consoling others who look to you for support, for guidance, for compassion; if you manage to heal wounds and build bridges; if others see in you goodness, graciousness, joy and serenity; if you can see the good in everyone and seek the good for everyone, blessed are you.         
“If you are rejected or demeaned because of the color of your skin or the sound of your name; if your faith automatically puts you at odds with some people; if you refuse to compromise basic principles to simply ‘get along’ blessed are you. You’re doing the will of God. And in the end, heaven will be yours.”

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