Monday, May 8, 2017

The Door to Eternal Life

The Good Shepherd
Jesus gives us many images of himself: I am the bread; the vine; the way, the truth and the life; the gate; the door; the resurrection; the good shepherd.  These “I am” sayings allude to the divinity of Jesus, completely divine and completely human.

I particularly like the image of Jesus as the “door” to eternal life. We pass through many doors, don't we? Architects sometimes spend a great deal of effort designing the entry or facade.  They want to make a statement.  Doors can speak for us, as well.  They can be opened in compassion.  They can be slammed in anger.  The doors we pass through may be transitions from fear into sanctuary, from isolation into community, from struggle into peace.  The church door welcomes us.  The courthouse door may be the entry to justice.  The college/university door is the threshold to learning and discovery. Our own front door is the assurance we are safely home.

On our journey to the fullness of the kingdom of God, Jesus is our gateway to life in all its fullness. What a magnificent image of Jesus: the door into eternal life.

Easter challenges us to reset our lives each day.  Every day is a new beginning. How make a fresh start each day? A best seller “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...and Maybe the World” by William McRaven provides some lessons:

--Make your bed every morning, because when you accomplish one thing early in the day, you'll be motivated to achieve more.  Start each day with a task completed.
--To change the world, find someone to help you paddle, a friend or colleague who can mentor you from goals to achievement.
--Always measure a person by the size of his heart, not by physical size, color, creed or anything else.  Respect everyone. But what matters most is the will to succeed.
--Remember life isn't fair, and that's no reason to cry.  Keep moving forward and what you learn will make you wiser.
--Stand up to the bullies. There are a lot of sharks in the world and we have to deal with them.  In your darkest moments, be your very best so that you can bring all your skills of mind and strength of character to bear on the challenge before you.

One person can change the world by giving people hope. Easter is about hope. At every stage in our earthly pilgrimage, God is present invisibly. Seeing God face to face is the fulfillment of our hope. In the meantime, let us pursue every opportunity to do all the good we can.  By all the means we can.In all the ways we can.  In all the places we can.  At all the times we can. To  all the people we can. As long as ever we can. Yes, Jesus Christ is risen.  He's alive.  And because he lives, we live.

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